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Past Updates

Dec 20, 2004
Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year……

It can be. It can also be the worst time of the year. I hope that this Christmas you take time for you and your family. You have spent most of the year caring for others. Have you taken time to care for yourself?

One idea I heard years ago was to make the days between Christmas and New Years Day a “reading week”. There isn’t much going on in the parish and since its not a great time to burn a week of vacation, why not stay home, enjoy the family and get caught up on your reading?

Want some great reading?
Good to Great—Jim Collins
Birth of the Chaordic Age—Dee Hock
The DNA of Relationships—Gary Smalley
The Presence Based Church—Terry Teykl
A Christmas Carol—Dickens (worth reading every year)

Want some great listening music?

Matt Redman—Facedown—my current favorite worship album
Chris Rice—untitled Hymn
Precious Child—country music, Best Christmas songs
Passion (almost any CD)
Jesse Crowe—Falling Castles

So take some time. This week, okay after Sunday. Get refueled, recharged. Focus again on why God called you to this place at this time. Spend some time with your spouse, your children and some people you love.

Keep Christmas—all year long! (Dickens)