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Dec 19, 2018
Looking toward a new year

Persecution for the Church in China.
Persecution for the Church in India.
Persecution for the Church in, of all places, the USA.
Persecution coming to your State, your town, you're home.

What will it cost to offer the Lord Jesus a place in our hearts and lives?

For some it will cost much more than they have budgeted. For some it will cost all they have, all they are, yes, even their lives.

In China, India, and other places in the world today, government leaders fear the followers of Jesus. They raid their buildings, arrest their leaders and intimidate everyone they can. But the blood of the martyrs has always been the fertilizer God uses to prepare the soil for a great harvest. And in these places where following Jesus is likely to cost you a great deal, these mis-guided followers of Jesus actually believe every word in their Bibles, every story and the see the power of the Resurrected Jesus active in their lives and fellowships.

All give some. Some Give ALL.

What about here in the USA? Here, where accommodating and surrendering are the hallmarks of the mainline denominations. Here where bondage is considered freedom, where truth is "my truth" and never "the Truth"; here where the words in the Bible are ripped out, torn into pieces, rationalized away as if they mean nothing; here where we one day say tolerate the notion that adults having sex with children is not only not a crime but one's "orientation.".

have a blessed Christmas