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Dec 19, 2012
Happy Birthday Jesus

Well the end of the world is only two days away. If you put any stock in the Mayan calendar, you can bring your valuables to my house and I'll keep them safe for you. If on Saturday you want them back, thats okay too!

It is my hope that this Christmas you keep Jesus the center of your life, let alone of your hectic celebrations.

Remember it is a pagan holiday that the church adopted. And in the last 30 years it has become a materialistic addiction.

I would urge each one:

to set aside some time to be with your family.

to not buy gifts, but find someone who needs heat or clothes and bless them by paying their fuel or food bill.

Jesus, who most likely was born in the summer, came to seek and save the lostůnot become second fiddle to some fat man in a red suit with an evolutionary freak of deer pulling so magical sled.

Happy Birthday Jesus!