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Dec 14, 2015
Christmas Greetings 2015

It's Christmas time again, time to be with family and share the joy that is ours because of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. God who has no need, sent his son to be born of a virgin in Bethlehem and who would die on the cross in the city of Jerusalem. But death could not hold the giver of life.

We exist in a time of great turmoil and change. There are many forces that are seeking to destroy the truth of God's love in Christ. There have always been such forces. John Pipers poem "The Innkeeper" speaks of the great forces of death and of the cost each one of us will bear for welcoming the Messiah into our hearts and homes. Things have not changed in two thousand years.

While I continue to hold out hope that the God of the universe will intervene in the evil of humankind, I know that many pray and die. Over 100,000 Christians will die this year at the hands of other religions. Many have already died in this country, let alone across the world.

In my travels over the past year I have seen countries that I was told we're not friends of freedom have more freedom than many in the United States have. I am aware that this world is not our home, we are only passing through. With that in mind I'm reminded of Patrick Henry who understood that Liberty was important enough to die for, and it still is.

Following Jesus Christ makes me proclaim boldly how much God loves us, it also makes me even more sure that we must stand up for truth, even when it's not comfortable, even when it goes against the propaganda of our government and news media, even when it goes against what the corrupt bishops and church leaders in Christendom are saying. I do not expect the corrupt leaders of the government and the church to ever speak the truth. Because of their compromise with the world and their desire to have peace at any cost, they would as Dostoevsky says, kill Jesus again if you dare to show his face and speak the truth.

So as we head into 2016 I implore you to draw close to God in Christ, learn to speak the truth, be not surprised when the world turns against you for doing that, Jesus said they would hate us we can't expect anything else.
But we can still love and live for Jesus, and speak the truth no matter how hard, no matter the cost. As the innkeeper found out, because his sons and his wife and his right arm .

Merry Christmas and happy new year.