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Dec 06, 2007
What Would Jesus Buy?

There is new movie out. Go to and watch the trailer.

What a Hoot!

You can check the schedule to see how near to you this movie might be playing. Most theaters aren't interested in showing it, because it highlights the addiction we have to shopping and the materialism surrounding this holiday.

It also will highlight to you how off tract the church has become even as it attempts to manipulate people to worship on Christmas Eve. Some say that Christmas eve is THE time to reach all those people who don't know Jesus. In my 30 years of attending Christmas eve services I have not found this to be so. I donít find many people have their lives transformed by singing Silent Night.

What about your congregation, are many lives changed during the Christmas Eve service? How about one? Two? If you have one or two, write me and tell me, Iíd love to hear about it. If no lives are changed, why are you spending all this time and effort? Who are you fooling?

Well check out Pastor Billy. And then go to confessions! What a hoot!