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Dec 06, 2005
Bubba Big Day

This is a true story from Jay Dozier--really great story!

We went to Port Arthur this weekend with our chainsaw team for Hurricane
Rita relief. It was the church of Kerr County's fourth trip. I was part of
the planning for all of them, but this was the first I went on.

First job: take a 20' limb off a 100' tree that was dangling from a break
50' up hanging over a Christian, and D-Day veteran's, home. Good for
church; good for nation.

We couldn't get it. Worked all day. We all signed the inside cover of a
gift bible and put our life verse on it. Circled up and prayed with the
homeowner. Unsatisfied. We told ourselves that God must have just wanted
us to spend time with the man.

The next couple of days, we knock out eight big jobs--huge trees over
houses, on houses, on driveways, in backyards. One of the homeowners talked about suicide and being dead inside. I share the good news as well as I could. Peace, joy, love and forgiveness. And he wasn't interested. Kind,
but no deal. And I'm clever and skilled. And I'm pretty good at this
stuff. And I'm pretty mad that I couldn't get it done.

And each night, we wanted that one limb.

Then our Bubbas (if you don't know what a Bubba is, then that is another
thread) ran out of money, as Bubbas are known to do. The others in the
group could cover them, but we prayed for "Magic Bubba Money." We laughed about Magic Bubba Money. We dreamed about what we could do with Magic Bubba Money.

Then the host church called and said that they changed their mind and they
weren't going to provide breakfast on Sunday morning after all--we'd have to
go out to eat. We came up with an "Adopt-a-Bubba" program to pay for

On Sunday morning, we went to the Waffle House. We came in our yeller Texas Chainsaw Ministry T-Shirts. Within a minute of sitting down, our waitress told me that an anonymous diner was going to pay for our breakfast. Magic Bubba Money.

I looked up and saw a bucket truck with a 60' arm in the parking lot. I
motioned to Big Bubba (6'5" 320 lbs). His eyes lit up. He rose to his
feet, looked around the packed restaurant and spotted three guys sitting at
a booth. He walks over to them and says, "That is your truck out there."
"Yes." He explained our situation. They cut a deal: the three lineworkers
wanted three of our t-shirts for the use of the truck.

So early on Sunday morning we returned to the man's house--with the truck.
Within 20 minutes, those lineworkers had the limb on the ground. The job
was completed. We couldn't do it alone, we needed the bucket truck guys.

Since we had already given the homeowner a bible, we handed the three bucket truck guys three of our bibles. As we were patting ourselves on the back, one of the three guys stepped out and started reading the cover, then
looking up our scriptures. Me and Big Bubba noticed and wandered over to
him. Big Bubba asked him, "Do you know our Lord?" "No; my family has been
asking me for years." "Do you want to know him?" "Yes." Within 30 seconds
from the question, "Do you know our Lord," Big Bubba had circled us all up
and in front of the truck and his two buddies he'd been working with for
three and a half months, we listened to the prayer as Big Bubba led Dwayne
to Jesus.

I don't know, but I suspect that Dwayne didn't need his family's Jesus. He
needed Bubba's Jesus.

We took a vote and determined that God was good. And better than us at

We planned on getting that limb on the first day and moving on.
God said, "No."
We planned that we'd get meals from the local church.
God said, "No."
We decided that we'd pay for the Bubbas when they ran out of money.
God said, "No."
Apparently, God has pther plans for us. And they aren't to harm us but to
do us good.

He said, "I know I can get those three guys and their bucket truck to the
Waffle House. The only hard part will be getting the Christians out of the

I know where Jesus is. He's at the Waffle House.