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Dec 05, 2012
Fiscal Cliff, Death Spiral for States, Embracing Socialism

If I were Ebenezer Scrooge, I would say, "bah Humbug". It tends to be difficult to be all wrapped up in the season, when all around me I see signs of depression, recession, unemployment and a complete take over of America by socialism. There are now 11 states that have more people "taking" money from the government than those in that state who are paying into the government. With all the changes coming, that number will jump to 20 in the next year.

so what to do:

1. get prepared for a revolution. Only 28% of the population was for a revolution in 1774. Barely 35% by 1776. 50% of the population frankly didn't care. Same whore house…different piano player. Over 60% of the land mass of the US is ready for a change. We can't keep paying people to do nothing.

2. get out of debt..anyone in debt will lose what you owe. When the currency is devalued, your IRA's, 401 (K)'s, money in the bank, cash in your wallet…all of it that isn't gold or silver…will be worthless.

3. hide your guns and ammo--they will be coming for it.

4. get your heart right with Jesus. Read a Christmas Carol and experience the transformation that Scrooge experienced. Understand that God, who loves us more than we can imagine, will never forsake us. God did not forsake those who gave their all for our freedom in 1776. He won't forsake us now.

5. Yes the world is different. We are like the Roman empire before the collapse. Almost to a perfect fit. we can't go back. We must push forward. It is a brave new world.

6. The establish church will crumble and crash.

7. The underground church will arise.

more soon.

Im preparing for the upcoming season…and it an't Christmas I'm talking about.