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Aug 29, 2007
RU Ready??

The Church year is about to, it has begun. Actually it began last week. A pastor friend of mine told me today, “attendance was back up last week. People are coming back.”
RU ready? What? You aren’t ready? You thought you had another week or two?
Some think the church year is year round. But most are learning that the church year begins in August and ends at Easter. You may not like that, but you see it in the worship attendance numbers. There is a ramp up in the fall, starting in August, growing in October, peaking in December with Christmas Eve services.
Then there is a lag in January and February with a smaller build up in March (for Easter, which is really early this year). That is followed by a rapid drop off in April and May. By the end of May most programs are shut down, most small groups disband and most people become, well, “irregular” in worship.
If that is your pattern, know you are both typical and ill. If the life you experience in Jesus makes you yearn for the summer off, perhaps there is a problem. Perhaps the artificial nonsense most call church is killing you.
People are looking for authentic ways to both experience new life in Jesus and to live out that life with authenticity and integrity.
Frankly most congregations are huge on show and shallow on integrity. I am finding more who stay away from top down, hierarchal, rule bound, money hungry congregations and pastors who say one thing and do another. Fewer and fewer people can tolerate it. Fewer and fewer congregations have the authenticity and integrity to lead anyone anywhere.
So RU ready? Ready to live what you believe, believe what you live? Are you ready to engage a world that doesn’t believe you? Are you ready to do more than create a safe ghetto so the people in your pews don’t ever have to be uncomfortable? Are you ready to follow Jesus into the world, out your doors into the “field white for harvest”?
RU Ready?