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Aug 27, 2016
On the Move

Moving is so difficult. Packing, what to keep? What to toss? what to give away and to who? Sell the house, the car, the toys, the piano, the tools....sell? more like give away, but that is the blessing. Then pack all the stuff you think you need, load the truck and pray it gets there safely. And it!!!

And so do you...safely (Miracle # 3754321....front wheel of the truck was weird the day after we arrived. Drove 80 miles to a national park (Estes Park). it was beautiful. Drove home...the wheel was even weirder. Took truck to the shop.

Two days later got a call:
Shop Mechanic: "how far did you drive that truck?"
ME; 1687 or more miles.
SM: go buy a lottery ticket, right now. When we put the truck up on the rack the wheel was really loose. When we took the plastic hub cap off the lug nuts fell to the floor. The plastic cap was all that held the wheel should have fallen off.
ME: "I'm sitting down now, can you say that again. (he did)

Thank you Jesus!

Jesus was always on the move. I wonder if you are "always" on the move if you get used to not having a place to call home. Home? This is the first time traveling to Colorado that I am not going home, I am home, but it feels, well, weird. Like, no place is really home. Im just passing through.

shine bright