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Aug 24, 2009
Caning and the Future

We are living at the edge of a new world. Some reports I saw recently indicated that in 30 years Muslim and Islamic law would control most of Europe. Germany announced a few weeks ago Muslims would have an electoral majority in 25 years. England can't be far behind. Where England goes the US follows.

So what?

I don't know what it will all mean. I know that in many countries with Islamic law it is illegal to convert to becoming a follower of Jesus. I know that the punishments for many crimes in Islamic countries is much more severe than what those who break the law get here in the US. I mean you can kill someone while you are drunk and get suspended from your football team. A Muslim fashion model is going to get caned for drinking. Imagine if we would start caning all the young people who drink under age? We would go through a lot of bamboo.

So What?

The big so what is many of the liberties that God has granted us through Jesus will be done away with under Islamic Law. Perhaps even more alarming is the amount of indifference most people who follow Jesus feel about these issues.

A bigger so what is how does one prepare to share the best news in the world with people who believe so differently? How do those of us who follow Jesus prepare to share the love of Jesus with those who seem so eager to cut off fingers, cane people, subject women to third class status?

Perhaps a trip to Africa or China or some other country where speaking about Jesus is already a risky thing might be helpful for each person who occupies a seat in worship in America. Perhaps exposure to people who have walked this balance for years might be more helpful than the jabberwocky of so many who think tolerance will lead to accommodation.

I heard an Islamic Leader speak this week, he said: "we don't need to convert the world by word or deed. We will in 40 years be able to elected Muslim leaders in every major Western Country."

I don't know if that is true or not. I do think the future is getting clearer. I'm pretty sure I don't like what I see.

What do you think?