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Aug 18, 2011
The Continual Sabotage of All Things Christian

As I have watched the church and state scene in the last 25 years I am amazed at how fast we have gone from "slouching toward Gomorah" to plunging headlong to Gomorah with all abandon.

I see in almost every city those pounding at the door of our homes, places or worship, demanding that those inside be brought out that the crowds might "know them". We are being asked, in the name of political correctness to abandon Jesus and all we know from Him.

No one trips over a boulder. These roots, loose gravel, and hidden strings are there to trip us up. Most any rational voice, if it has Christian overtone (let alone overtly a follower of Jesus) will be ridiculed, slammed by those who run head long toward Gomorah with complete abandon.

But please, know I am not in sorrow or pity. I am preparing and preparing others for the war we are already in. Scripture admonishes us to put on the full armor of God. You don't put armor on to sit in the Lazy Boy! You don't take up the sword and shield for football. You gird yourself for war.

So I encouraged you to stand today. Stand for what you know is truth. And if you don't have a clue about truth, believing that truth is relative--you better start looking around at how that road runs headlong to Gomorah.

Jesus was not ethically neutral. We can't afford to be that either.

here is one example, taken from the American Thinker 8/18/11

Which brings us to the last two years, in which the final shreds of civilized behavior were trampled in the left's eagerness to get at the enemy. A mother of a disabled child was attacked nationwide, in all major media outlets, for giving birth to and raising that child. Forget about everything else Sarah Palin has endured -- the attacks on her other children, the petty legal hassles, the rumors about her marriage, the fake photos, the betrayals from her own side, and so on. Concentrate on that one element. When I was young, anyone who degraded a woman in such circumstances would have been fired, possibly physically beaten, blacklisted from his industry, and forced out of town, or even out of the country, in order to earn even the lowest type of living. Today they get booked on The View. That's how far we've fallen -- disabled kids, and their mothers, are fair game in the millennial United States.