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Aug 14, 2007
Top Ten Ways to Kill a Church (thanks Kathy)

TEN WAYS A PASTOR (or LAITY) CAN KILL A CHURCH- (summary) by Kathy ?

#1 - Have your lay leaders do almost everything.
#2 - Do nothing to encourage visitors to come to your church.
#3 - Fight and argue with your spouse. Make it as public as possible.
#4 - When you see that someone is upset over a situation, do nothing.
#5 - Refuse to answer questions.
#6 - Make a decision. Change it. Change it again. Change it again.
#7 - Don’t share the gospel with the community.
#8 - Make fun of people at every opportunity. Deride anyone you disagree with.
#9 - If you pray for a person and nothing happens, assume there’s something wrong with their faith/their walk with the Lord.
#10 - Treat your prayer and devotional life as an obligation meant to be performed when you start feeling guilty enough.

Now that is sarcasms. But sadly these are traits I have seen from pastors and laity alike. We have the greatest news in the world (God’s love for us in Jesus) and we act like this towards those who either do not understand or who have seen these kinds of behaviors from “church people” all their lives.
Recently a friend asked me if I thought my children would follow me into ministry. While I personally hope they will continue to forge their own faith walk with Jesus, I think they have seen the ugly underbelly of the church (like described above). Once you have seen the underbelly of the snake, it is tough to want to get close. One young woman, previously a “faithful attendee of a local church” asked me, “how come most of the people in the church are mean, narrow minded and so quick to condemn?” I don’t have “the” answer. Perhaps that church had a few pastors (or laity) that fit the description above?

Since I adhere to a policy of “no critique with out offering a solution”, next week I will offer counterpoints to these ten insights.