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Aug 06, 2006
Standing Outside

Spending ten days in another country (let alone four other countries) was a both a great experience and an eye opener...

Great experience...son's team winning third place in the world championship (son winning 6th place in the World Junior Double Trap), having my family in Europe, being back with German speaking people, great food, wonderful sights, and the list goes on.

Eye opener...Sunday Morning, Zagreb-Croatia...local church (catholic) PACKED OUT!!! people standing out side...that is right outside...95 degrees and humid...listening, paying attention, praying. Wow!

When I was younger, I lived in Germany for three years. At the time the Communist powers controlled eastern Europe. While the churches in Western Europe were dying, we thought the church behind the Curtain was dead. Now, returning to Europe, even to Eastern Europe, I was so surprised by the vitality of faith, the restorations of the churches (Catholic, mostly) and the vital part of faith in the lives of those behind the Curtain. I wonder, what makes the difference between the west and east?

Difficult situations without drugs of materialism and self importance produced a faith no government could kill, a faith still alive, still vital, still worth standing out side of a packed building in 95 degree weather to hear the words of Jesus.