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Aug 02, 2009
Don't Let Them Use You

For most people in ministry today has exhausted them. They have spent the entire day chasing rabbits. Each rabbit a bit faster than the last. They have spent the day playing fetch, expecting at least a pat on the head for their willingness to play these stupid games. Instead of being the church I see in the New Testament, what I see is old system, maybe the oldest system on the globe.

One group controls. Lets call them the Ecclesiastical powers that be.
One group is in the middle, trying hard to please the powers that be and trying hard to please the third group.
One group is trying hard to control everything and fighting against the first group.

My heart goes out to the middle group. They can't win. They lose at life. They are, for the most part, what we call clergy. They are trying so hard to have peace. But Jesus said, "I didn't come to bring peace"...Read John 2...he made a whip...I like that verse...

My heart goes out to the family the middle group. They are told to wait for just about everything. And before you know it, the family is gone and the clergy person is left alone, bitter, eager to find a real job or at least one that is possible to do.

Never complain unless you have a solution to offer...

Read Ephesians 4 and apply it to you life. Equip those who get it to go get more. It is really that simple. And ignore those that don't get it. It is immoral to offer yourself to the first or the third group. They don't own you, don't let them use you. You belong to God. Life for God. Keep an eye out for what God is doing and get behind it (thanks Pastor Blackabee).