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Apr 30, 2012
I've got to stop!

Today: I've got to stop reading how our socialist president is destroying this country. It works me up too much.

Tomorrow: Why does your church Service suck the life out of me?

But Today: I need to read more about how good life is with Big Brother firmly in control-keeping children from working on the family farm; having the TSA smuggle drugs in LAX; having Tzars (love those Russian words) sidestep the constitution (which I am told is making great toilet paper in DC); but best of all having Bill ("I did not have sex") "bj" Clinton stand up and say ("Obama is a joke or a fairy tale"--wait that was four years ago, before the Obama machine paid off his wife's $250K campaign loan) now standing up and and telling us that Obama had the guts to kill Usama bin Laden (here I thought Navy Seals did that--and that they were later killed on a helicopter flight that was secret and was "randomly shot down". Really? Randomly? Really?

So I've put away my great books (Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, 1984 and the Bible) so I might stop reading what was foretold--

And I am practicing living in delusion. It will help me when Comrade Obama is reelected by the same majority as last time--unemployed, E.B.T recipients of the major coastal and river cities of the US--while the entire heart land goes red.

So Yes I am going to stop reading and I am I going to start campaigning for a capitalists who wants to see America go back to work, regain her honor (bowing to Shieks is never honor for a President (or should I say pre-si-ti), and stop this crazy head long fall to totalatarianism and socialism.

Hope about 200,000,000 million of you follow me. Lets recapture America's greatness.