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Apr 30, 2006
We Need the Holy Spirit

Why do we fear the Holy Spirit? Why do we hold so much terror in our breast about the power and the purpose of the Holy Spirit?

Sure we have all seen some pretty bad examples of the use, misuse and corruption of things of the Holy Spirit. Sure we have seen out right emotionalism, out of control expressions of joy. How is it that we can be excited about a ball team and not excited about God? How come we can jump up and down and scream if we win the lottery but canít show emotion about God? How come when we talk to God we call it prayer and when God talks to us we call it ďschizophreniaĒ? (Lilly Tomlin).

May is the month we celebrate Pentecost. In Acts 19 we run into people who although following Johnís baptism havenít even heard of the Holy Spirit. Unlike modern followers they werenít afraid of the Holy Spirit. So Paul taught them, baptized them and the Holy Spirit fell on them, just like on Paul and on the disciples on Pentecost.

Iím not suggesting we all have to have the same experience. I am suggesting we all need the Holy Spirit. What ever fear we have about the Spirit we need to rid ourselves that we might be open all that God has for us.
We need the power of the Holy Spirit.

I canít imagine living this life without the Holy Spirit. I canít imagine worshipping without the power and presence of the Spirit leading us. I canít imagine the Christian life with out the presence of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

I donít much like or care about ďreligionĒ . There isnít much in religion that helps me. But in Jesus there is a presence and power in the Holy Spirit that I am desperate for and worthless without.