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Apr 28, 2007
Early, Late, Never

Adaptive Qualities....

I've read that in any given crowd 20% are Early Adapters, 20% are Never Adapters and 60% are somewhere in between. Most of this middle group is just waiting to see which group will win.

Each time I present, I need to remember this. 20% would object if I told them there was gold in the hills. 20% would run to the hills and 60% would wait till the first group returned to decide what to do.

So this week when you ask your congregation to win the world for Jesus--know that 20% will run to it (hopefully more) and 20% will tell you NO (hopefully less). But know this...the 60% are waiting for you decide. They can't wait one more year, let alone 10 more years.

Will you or won't you lead?

Please don't allow the 20% who will never adapt to keep you in the wilderness. The promise land awaits.