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Apr 25, 2005
Purpose and Time

Itís Monday morning.
Time to take a closer look at your purpose and how you manage your time. Just a few questions first:

1) What is your purpose? The sole reason your congregation exists.
2) What are your principles? Would your congregation share your beliefs and values?
3) If you were to die next Monday, how would you live this week differently and what would you different next Sunday?

So many times you leave Sunday worship worn out. Why is worship such a taxing thing for so many leaders? Why arenít you having a wonderfully refreshing, transforming experience on Sunday morning?

I would invite you to spend a few moments today, thinking and praying about the purpose of your life and that of your congregation. Can you tell me (and email me and let me know) your purpose, what really gets you fired up about living or about life?

Its Monday morning. You might be tired. You might be worn out. You might be taking the day off. But inside there is a fire in you, a passion to live for Jesus without any hesitation. There is a fire in you to make the most of this day. There is a fire to live for God with full-blown enthusiasm.

So here are few things you might find helpful to clarify your purpose and manage your time:
1) Get clear about your purpose and STOP doing anything that does not accomplish that purpose
2) Find a paper and make six vertical lines and then three horizontal lines. That will give 21 blocks. You may now title the each column across with a day Sunday through Saturday. Now each row down would be labeled 8am -12pm, 1-5 pm, 6-10 pm. Now, you may fill in 12 blocks if you want to be effective, 10 if you want to be really effective and 8 if you want to know success like you have never known before. Why? Those who work less work best! Anything over 12 blocks will equal negative results for you professional, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.
3) Now fill in 1/2 block each day for your family, at least
4) Spend 6 AM until 8 AM in prayer each day. (Not a block listed, neither is sleep time).
5) Sleep from 11 PM until 6 AM each day. (7 hours)
6) Fill in 1/2 block every other day for exercise.
7) You still have six blocks for you to use for you or you family.

This was a quick check up to help you find your purpose and manage your time.

Hope it helped!