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Apr 21, 2013
A Brave New Orwellian World

Once again the world has changed. And you and I did not get to vote on it. The erosion and destruction of much of what we knew and trusted is happening at a record pace. We are going to be much like Israel-always on the lookout for one more act of evil. Sure wish we could legislate evil out of existence, but that will never happen. We can trade our liberty for government procured security.

Or…we can turn from our wicked ways (abortion, abandoning God's word, calling what God calls evil "good", hating our neighbor, pretending the what we do on Sunday morning accomplishes much of anything…and the list goes on).

We can pray.

We can love..

Jesus said the days will get more evil. Jesus said it will be like in the days of Noah. Jesus said the world will be deceived.

Perhaps Huxley and Orwell knew something we didn't. Perhaps they saw these days…Days when we don't know which way to go because we have abandoned Jesus, logic and God's word. Extinguish the light and all you have is darkness.

No matter what anyone might tell you…this is not our home. This is not the entire story.

So in the days ahead…Pray. Read your Bibles. Love. Speak truth (it will get you into trouble…the days can't tolerate truth much anymore). It may get you locked up (Paul and Silas were there). It may get you beat (Stephen was there). It may get you killed--all early followers of Jesus died in brutal ways. (all people die--you can't escape that).

the brave new orwellian world needs the same old Jesus. Any compromise of that truth is death.