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Apr 19, 2011
He Couldn't Carry His Own Cross

I am struck that Jesus could not carry His own cross. He simply couldn't do it.

Sometimes, we are all like that. We can't do it. We try. We struggle. We fall.

The great news is God prepared someone else to carry it for Him. Simeon.

I have so many Simeon's to thank. I'll list a few. Sandy, Bruce, John, David, Bill. They have picked up my cross and carried it and me when I couldn't. I can't even be angry at the Romans, even those in my midst. The Romans were only doing what they knew. They weren't thinking, they were following orders, crucifying the King of Glory. I've had Romans in my life too. They could care less if you can't carry your cross. They simply don't get it.

Don't waste your time with them. Don't cast your pearls before swine. God will provide Simeon's for you too. Your enemies? They will never be your friends. Stop wishing they were. Your friends will stand with you, pick you up, and carry your cross for and with you. You really get a sense of who your friends are when you stumble under the weight of your cross.

So yea, Jesus couldn't carry His own cross. Neither can you.

And even though he couldn't carry His own cross, He did do what no one else could do. He suffered, died and rose again for you and me.

At the Cross..At the Cross, where I first saw the light!