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Apr 14, 2020

Turn off the News.

In these times of uncertainty and confusion, perhaps it is time to turn off the news. Mark Twain said it best, “ignore the news and you will be ill-informed, listen to the news and your will be misinformed.” As the news becomes more and more the tool of the progressive, socialistic and communistic left, it has become more politically correct and in a word, untrustworthy. Even Christ Cuomo, after his recent illness, has said he can’t waste his life in this partisan non-sense. Orwell predicted this. The news has to be edited to fit the narrative. When we can’t think, question, reflect and discuss, we are reduced to reductionistic arguments to prove our point. We ignore the facts and promote our agenda. Mr. Trumps torching of the news media yesterday was a wonderful example of using their own words to expose their agenda. And if you were thinking you would say, wow, the media is so biased and to be unworthy of trust. SO TURN THE NEWS OFF. Watch live video, which you hope has not been edited (like the Times allowing the Biden campaign to edit their piece on Biden’s inappropriate touching of females.)

Things are much different in the church. The left-wing of the church, like the far-right and cultists, continually edit, paraphrase and erase those areas of the Bible they dislike. I mean really, did Jesus said he is THE WAY. Surely, he meant “a Way”. Or thousands of other passages taken out of context twisted to fit the politically correct and theologically palatable taste of a generation of people who prostitute themselves for money in service of the church. Its newspeak in the church. We can say the Apostle’s creed with vigor and deny every article in the creed as outdated, old, narrow-minded thinking. If they can destroy the validity of the Bible, then they can undermine and destroy the church. And judging from the decline in membership and attendance of the mainline denominations, they are doing a great job at destroying the old “pimp, whore, john system” of bilking good people out of money, doing thing the people we called and gifted to do. SO READ THE NEW TESTAMENT. Don’t read a commentary, read the text. Don’t take someone’s opinion on the meaning of the text. Ask the Author. If you find something really perplexing, like Jesus’ admonition that divorce is only because of hardness of someone’s heart, talk to other believers. How do they understand what they read? Just like the news media, you will find that often paid professionals have a perspective which is far from Biblical, far from what is recorded in the Bible, on both the left and right.