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Apr 11, 2006
A Collision--David Crowder*Band

The Kingdom of Heaven is popping back up in many venues. Brian McClaren in his latest book "the Secret Message of Jesus" is directing us back to "kingdom" perspectives. Using metaphors which might help us communicate more effectively with those outside of an experience with Christ, Brian argues effectively for a reconstructions of Christian life around the teachings of Jesus on the Kingdom. (Thanks SV)

David Crowder on the CD "Collision" writes in the liner notes:

"for the past two years we have ended most nights in concert with the following statement..'when our depravity meets His divinity it is a beautiful collision' is the collision of our fallen state and our Maker's transcendence. It is a rendering of our mortality and eternal life.

"It is about the tension that exists in living of life, here, where the sky meets the broken earth. it is about a tsunami in East Asia. it is about a sunrise over Hiroshima. It is about too many who know intensely what pain the word "cancer" holds and the words of my friend whispered in my ear, 'It's okay..None of us are getting out of here alive you know. It is about teh you that comes when the blood test return and a miracle is announced. it is the hope in a rescue that has come, the hope in a rescue that has found us, and the relentless hope in a greater rescue that is still coming--one that has no yet arrives but is not less present. This music, broken, improper, and inadequate is its response is rooted in that hope. the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now and coming." DCB

As you listen to the CD some of the songs will jar you...but listen to all 20 songs on one sitting. Allow the "collision" (what I call Divine intersection) to occur...wait on it, sense it, feel it, allow it... it will transform you.

thanks David! and band
Thanks God for the "collision".