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Apr 05, 2010
Happy Easter, now back to reality!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Back to reality. Back to life without resurrection.

I wonder if the church doesn't invest so much time and energy into these "special" days because we try to cover up the lack of energy for the rest of life.

I have always felt that these "holy days" are manipulative gimmicks, designed to sell cards, flowers, choir music, and, you know, all the really important things.

I wonder if we really believed he rose from the dead, how could we live as if it doesn't matter? How could we pretend that for 40 days of Lent- it didn't happen? How could we be "sad" at Good Friday Services?

One year, at a particularly terrible Good Friday Service, one choir sang a Christmas song (Come On Ring Those Bells). Wow! I wonder if they didn't get it right.

We ought not to wallow in our "religiousness" We ought to be ringing the bells each day, proclaiming that in Jesus we have life, love and a new way of living.

Yea, but Easter is over. Time to get back to reality.

I wonder if that isn't the point. Our reality is out of wack.

Resurrection is our REALITY!

Back to reality in Williamsport. PA. Home of Little League and so much pain--just like your town.