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Apr 04, 2013
After Easter

I hope your celebration of Easter was inspirational and that you maintain that sense of awe during the next 50 days.

Good Friday is always difficult for me. Imagining the horror of all that Jesus went through rips me apart. Modern film renditions of that day, while often gruesome, do not tell the entire story. I believe there was much more abuse than is reported--it is only hinted at in the New Testament. The game Roman Soldiers played, "the Crowning of the Conqueror", had many facets: the robe, the crown, the mocking, the beating, and some suggest other indecencies.

When I think and remember, I am speechless. All this punishment and abuse for you and me. As the hymn writer stated, "mine was the transgression, his the deadly pain."

I am thankful for Sunday and Easter. I am thankful for the redemption of the cross, the empty tomb and the presence of Jesus in our lives.

I am thankful that after Easter, Jesus is our all.

enjoy the journey to Pentecost!