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Apr 03, 2009
BEWARE--There really is a war going on.

If you are a UM pastor you need to immediately go to the following web page. IMMEDIATELY....

There is a war going on and you are in the crosshairs. Soon someone will call your DS or Bishop and file a complaint against you. (I am getting more calls each week about this). What you think is going to be a "supervisory" meeting will not be anything close to that. Think "rope burns around the neck"..

When you are on the web page of Associates in Advocacy please click on the the "When the Bishop or DS Calls" tab. READ IT. READ IT AGAIN.

Associates in Advocacy are people you can trust to help you. Study this page. Know it by heart.

If and when you get this call you will immediately be off balance. You will be demanded to appear, usually the next day. DON'T DO IT. You have rights in the Discipline (rights some Bishops don't know or care about.)

Call Jerry Eckert 941 743 0518.

The war is raging. If you are effective in ministry- if you can grow a congregation you are particularly at risk. The devil prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour. And with backbones of mush, those charged to uphold the Discipline and support the Covenant of Clergy seem to be hell- bent to neglect both and in the process you or a friend will soon find the phone ringing.

If you are a a concerned person in your congregation, please pass this on to your pastor. He or she will need Jerry's number.