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Apr 02, 2007
New You Might Want, Might Not

Some times you get news you want.
Some times you get news you don't want.

This morning on the NY Times RSS feed-- (you will have to copy and paste to get there) -- I saw this article about a church building in England being sold to become a Mosque. Wow. I wanted to know more. I felt sure it would be a Methodist Church, in as much as England is the home of Methodism, though certainly not its most fertile ground in the last 80 years. That fertile ground would be North America, or more properly the United States.

As I read the article I thought of all the Methodist Churches being closed in England and North America. Then I thought about all the Methodist Churches being opened in Africa, Asia, and South America. Obviously the fertile ground is changing. Soil once fertile is fruitless. Soil once barren is producing tremendous fruit.

I wonder why? I pray for answers. Like I said, some news you want. Some news you don't want.

If you could change one thing about your current congregation, and this change would take you from barren to productive, what would you change?

Write me, Id love to read your take on this.