It's all about bringing people to Jesus Christ.

Jeff is no longer in the "fix the Broken Church" consulting business. In the last 15 years, Jeff has experienced many things that have moved him away from attempting to repair broken denominational systems. This has led Jeff to expand on his work, first outlined in his book "If It Could Happen Here", where Jeff writes about empowering all God's people to be in ministry. Watching ordinary people break free from the confines of a two class system (clergy and laity) and move into direct "hands on ministry", has been life changing and exciting. Jeff's new book is an exploration of how we got into this mess, how we can get out, and how we can really empower all God's people for their ministry and their call in Jesus Christ. Jeff wants all God's people to live sold out lives for Jesus. Jeff believes we want to bring more people to Jesus Christ.

Jeff's mission is to deconstruct the old heresy and move to a new paradigm where each person, alive in Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit,and living out their call to follow Jesus will make God's love known in this world. Watch for the book to be published on this web page for your free download.

You can email Jeff at .

Jeff looks forward to discussing these ideas with you as we empower the church of Jesus Christ to do "greater things" in Jesus name.

Help For Those On The Front Lines Of Ministry

Jul 04, 2019
Happy July 4th

For the last decade many of my Democratic friends have continued to tell me “we are not after all your guns“. It has always been a lie. I’ve noticed a huge drop off of those voices on Facebook, now that the left wing has completely devoured the Democratic Party. Now they’re stuck with a party that hates America, hates freedom, promotes racial division, and panders around like whiny babies, even threatening to nuke those who won’t surrender all their firearms. The next Civil War might be on the horizon.

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