It's all about bringing people to Jesus Christ.

As church leaders we face many obstacles and challenges in the day-to-day, but we realize one thing: in the end we want to bring more people to Jesus Christ.

Obstacles and challenges get in the way of this goal. Among those challenges are: leadership struggles, funding problems, staffing and facility difficulties, and understanding your mission, just to name a few. At times Denominational Leaders will undermine and sabotage your efforts. These are the very things that led Jeff Patton to become a church consultant. Jeff's mission is to help pastors, church planters and key leaders get beyond the day-to-day struggles, capture a larger vision and grow their congregations. Jeff is also passionate about helping pastors and church leaders who have been targeted by denominational officials.

Jeff Patton has a proven track record of 33+ years working with congregations and helping them change, revive and thrive. If you want to experience the impact that Jeff Patton can have on your church, please email Jeff at .

Jeff looks forward to working for and with you as we empower the church of Jesus Christ to do "greater things" in Jesus name.

Help For Those On The Front Lines Of Ministry

Nov 29, 2017
Acts 1:8 Really

Most version of the Bible translate Acts 1:8 as (Jesus speaking) "You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be my witnesses..."

In a recent trip oversees, I began to see that this verse (like so many) has been translated to make Christians comfortable. I don't see how a work like "martyr" can be translated into a weak, passive word like "witness". Granted to give witness to the wonderful love of God in Jesus is important, but it is not what Jesus said.

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